Auto Refinancing

Many people are not aware of how high the interest rate of their original auto loans are, or that their monthly payments are exorbitant. Most importantly, they don't realize that their improving credit enables them to do something about the situation.

If you qualify for a refinance loan from Lendward, the amount of money you can save, both monthly and over the long haul, can make a big difference.

If, for example, you're paying $450/month on a 2005 vehicle, we have one question – why?! If your loan percentage rate is in the upper teens or 20%, why would you keep doing that if you don't have to?

Depending on your credit, two scenarios dictate that you should refinance your vehicle:

  • You owe more than your car is worth, have a high monthly payment, a high interest rate, and your credit is good or on the upswing. You might be a prime candidate for a refinance loan.
  • You want to keep your car and get a better loan. The car meets refinancing criteria.

If you qualify for a refinance loan, which is generally the case with improving credit, Lendward will make sure your payments and interest are lowered. Our job is to reduce the rate for you and get you a loan that's fair.

MOVE FORWARD with your new car, new loan—and your life.