New and Used Car Loans

Lendward will help get you the ideal new or pre–owned car at a price and loan payments you can afford. We form a three–way partnership with you and our network of dealers to find the ideal vehicle with your budget firmly in mind.

If you already own a car and are making payments, we can get you into a vehicle upgrade at a surprisingly low cost. Chances are your improved credit will entitle you to an improved loan.

If you qualify, one of our partnering dealers will pay off your existing loan and put you in a nicer car with a lower interest rate and lower payments. Our dealer partners have a firm commitment to providing exceptional service to their Lendward customers.

Even if you have a high–mileage vehicle and are not eligible for refinancing, you may be eligible to trade it in for the new or pre–owned vehicle of your choice at a better interest rate. Basically, you'll be getting a better car and have lower payments. So what's the bad news?

MOVE FORWARD with your new car, new loan—and your life.